About Us

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Word of Mouth Contractors, Inc was founded in 2017 by Kimathi Thompson (KT). KT's vision began with a sincere and determined desire to consistently provide stellar customer service to the Triangle area & surrounding communities, at an honest and fair rate.


In pursuance of his endeavor to service his community with integrity, KT realized that a great way to make a meaningful impact is to inspire disadvantaged and underappreciated skilled tradespeople within his community to be the best they can be. 

KT became a contagious example of Holy Spirit filled self-motivation for the greater good, while persistently displaying an unmatched work ethic through self-employment and business entrepreneurship. 

Word of Mouth Contractors, Inc employs, encourages, and empowers individuals from various niches within the skilled trades workforce. Our company teaches individuals how to go into business for themselves, generate gainful employment, and harvest opportunities for advancement. Through our business model, our community as a whole is stronger and will be better off in the long run.


KT believes that a movement away from larger company controlled Home Improvement service providers is in the best interest of the community. Smaller, more thoughtfully run businesses that cater to the specific needs of the community, will improve the overall quality of life for everyone within said communities - from the customer to the families of those providing services to the customers.  


Once this mentality gains more traction, customers will eventually have a better pool of skilled service providers who are more invested in the quality of work which they provide. In turn, service providers will be more fairly compensated for the services they render when there is no, "middle man," taking all of the profit generated from their honest and hard work.


KT believes that, when possible, skilled workers should steer clear of working for larger companies that exploit their employees while ripping off their clientele base in the same breath. Independent contractors will ultimately make the bottom line cost for an honest days work, more affordable for the customer.


Word of Mouth Contractors, Inc serves the community with integrity while delivering high quality Home Maintenance & Commercial Care services. We're dedicated to empowering individuals who are ready to realize their self worth. Allow us to earn your business and your trust, one project at a time!